Classification of Class 4 Felonies VA

Criminal felonies and misdemeanors in Virginia are classified into classes which are simply based upon the seriousness and intensity of the offense. You will participate in each class, the maximum and minimum amount of fines and penalties could be mentioned in their sections. As well as you will also see the charges of the crimes in where the culprit may get arrested with the class of felony or misdemeanor.

However, according to the laws of Virginia, the felony charges are the most severe ones as compared to the misdemeanor. In felony charges, the person may face life imprisonment, just if the case if severe enough. Though, in misdemeanor charges, the person may face imprisonment for up to months or several years, but not more that than.

That’s why we considered that the felony charges are more severe and dangerous, and can be taken as a serious form. Although, when you charged with the class 4 felony, means you commit a crime which is not serious enough in which you get life imprisonment. But still, you have to go through with its own penalties and fines.

In Virginia, class 4 felony is the case where the people are involved with such kinds of actions like prostitution or child pornography. Mostly, crimes related to the sex, are the main cause of being charged with the class 4 felony.

classification of class 4 felonies in VA

According to the new laws of Virginia, when a person commits such mention crimes, he/she may go through penalties of the class 4 felony, in where the crimes are included for example:

Embezzlement, if you are involved with such crime of larceny or embezzlement, you may go through with the charge of class 4 felony.

Arson of an abandoned building or place, if you are the one who is involved with the firing or torturing case, you might be going through with the penalties of class 4 felony.

Prostitution, if you have been found in buying or selling people with the intention of making them ready to do prostitution, you may go through with class 4 felony penalties.

Kidnapping, if you are involved with the kidnapping cases like kidnap someone with the intention of providing harm to them or want to take money from their family, you might be getting arrested with the charge of class 4 felony.

Manslaughter is also the cause of suffering from class 4 felony penalties, in where the culprit may go through imprisonment for up to 2-10 years with a fine of up to $100,000, not more than that.

a defense lawyer for class 4 felonies in VA

When you have been charged with the class 4 felony in VA, you have to hire or get contact to a professional defense lawyer in a manner to solve your case quickly. A professional and well-experienced lawyer can understand how to gather evidence and how to talk with the witnesses to further clarify your name with the charge.